Monthly Archives: Gennaio 2013

Tube Northek Maxtar 300

The Northek is about to present this model, dedicated exclusively to deep sky, with short tube.

CCD Celestron Nightscape 8300

The CCD cameras of Celestron introduces new Nightscape 8300, a color CCD camera with Kodak sensor KAF 8300-.

The Nightscape 8300 provides a resolution of 8,3 mega pixels with a high-sensitivity sensor.

Stellarvue SV50 tube and

Presents a small refractor Stellarvue and 50 mm

Just presented at NEAF, This telescope is a super small apochromatic refractor.

Planewave Instruments Astrografi CDK

PlaneWave Instruments introduces a new series of astrographs CDK-field plan available in sizes 12,5?, 17?, 20? and 24?

Designed for photography with modern large format CCD offers a completely new optical and made especially for the purpose.

Low profile Focuser Orion 2″

Orion presents this focuser from 2? for reflectors 8? (200 mm) or 10? (250 mm)

This new Orion dual speed low profile has a height of only 58 mm.

Stellarvue M150 altazimuth mount

This is the largest isostatic altazimuth greater size of the Stellarvue.

It is produced in California using 6061-t6 aluminum and stainless steel.

Barlow 2 x APO Apo Tecnosky

Tecnosky presents a new barlow Apochromatically 2 x low profile.
Made with three optical element processed multilayer antiflesso, the Interior of the aluminium body is blackened to minimize reflections.

Barlow lenses Orion high-power to 4 elements

Two new lenses of barlow from 1.25