Monthly Archives: Giugno 2013

William Optics: new soft cases for refractors 71 / 81mm

William Optics presents this new series of suitcases / soft bags for transporting small refractors from 71 and 81 mm at.

These soft cases for telescopes are made with nylon fabric of high quality and are equipped with waterproof coating.

Avalon Instruments X-Guider

The X-offset Guider system guide telescope with an innovative design that serves to guide star in astrophotography.
The main characteristic of X-Guider the relationship between large load capacity, equal to over 5.00 Kg, and weight less than half Kg (by 430gr to 550gr depending on the version).

Tecnosky Versatile Apo Refractor 72

Tecnosky presenta il Versatile 72?, a telephoto lens Apo to 72 mm and focal length mm diagoanl (ratio of f/6) that can also be used with telescope and spotting scope.