Monthly Archives: Luglio 2013

Orion StarBlast Refractor 80

Orion introduces this portable refractor telescope.

With its 80 mm (3,1 ď) Aperture and 350 mm focal length (f/4.3) suitable for display of the brightest objects in the night sky, as the Moon, bright planets and a few deep sky objects.

SkyWatcher: Announced the date of distribution of EQ8 in Italy

Here is the article published today on the website

After years of rumors, rumors and videos on Youtube more or less consistent, It seems that it is time good: Auriga, the company that distributes the Skywatcher products in Italy, ha finalmente annunciato una data per l’arrivo nei negozi dellíattesissima EQ8, as well as the official selling price.

MagZero: new CMOS QHY5 II rooms

MagZero presents the new series of rooms: the QHY5 II, eredi delle ďMX-5?

Compact and economical, are made to the global recovery and autoguiding.

Optec Libra disassabile system

Optec has a disassabile system in Azimuth and height for large telescopes.

tube Sky Watcher 80ED Esprit

For all lovers of wide field observations and for deep-sky astrofotgrafi is coming a new.

The SkyWatcher 80ED refractor, now recognized "best seller" among amateur astronomers,, will be available, after summer, in a new triplet configuration.

New CCD Celestron Skyris

Celestron presents the new series of CCD "Skyris" equipped with USB connection 3.0 high speed.

L’accuratezza dei componenti tra cui i sensori Sony †e líuscita dellíimmagine dinamica 12-bit surclassa il vecchio standard† 8-bit.