Monthly Archives: Novembre 2013

Canon EOS 60Da

Canon presents the “new” 60From revolt to Astrophotographers.

Appositamente progettata per l’astrofotografia la EOS 60Da stata resa piusensibile alla luce a raggi infrarossi grazie all’adozione di un filtro passa-basso modificato posizionato nella parte anteriore del sensore CMOS (18 megapixels) of SLR cameras.

Astrograph Takahashi Epsilon 130 d

Takahashi introduced these astrografi to plan field since the mid- 80: in 2013 viene reintrodotto sul mercato l’astrografo Epsilon 130D con una nuova versione del correttore di campo ridisegnato per l’utilizzo con le moderne fotocamere digitali e dei sensori CCD.

Apo refractor Takahashi FC-100DC

Takahashi returns an historical instrument: the apoalla fluorite refractor FC-100!

Steinheil scheme with doublet rear element to the mineral fluorite element and eco-glass front, diameter 100 mm, focal length 740 mm (F/7.4).

10Micron GM3000 HPS

In addition to the hype for the binocular parts also introduced the new HPS GM3000, the “elder sister” of 2000HPS with a load up to 100 kg!

More than “presentation” one can speak of a “notice” because of the new frame, In addition to the considerable load, little is known.

Definitely will have technical and electronic characteristics similar to those of more baby 2000 HPS.

Leonardo BM100 parts frame

The parts that presents a new mount for binoculars

Built entirely in anodised aluminium alloy, stainless steel, axes movement on bronze bearings; all materials from the market are produced in Italy

Tecnosky 62 Quadrupletto/520 mm

Tecnosky is a small and lightweight achromatic refractor from 62 mm in diameter and focal length 520 mm (f/8.4).

Optical scheme Petzval 4 elements guarantees a smoothed and adjusted to the edge. Thanks to its compact, lightweight tube and Focuser (31,8) quality be used profitably even as guide telescope.