Monthly Archives: Gennaio 2014

APM Binoculars 100 45 ED-Apo

The APM Telescope presented an interesting binocular from 100 mm Apo on vision at 45

Tripod Lb Astro Antares New Tripod (A.N.T.)

The Astro features a new Lb tripod: l’Anteres New Tripod (A.N.T.) available in two versions, Entry and the Pro.

RP Optix Red tripod-pod

The RP Optix introduces Red-pod: a Compact Tripod with load up to 6 kg.

New telescopes GoTo Ziel CRUISE 65 and CRUISE 38

Ziel has two new “entry level” GoTo: the Cruise 65 and the Cuise 38 one 130/650 Newtonian and achromatic refractor 80/400.