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PrimaLuceLab OnAxisLock

PrimaLuceLab presents OnAxisLock: the new locking system accessories

Avalon Instruments Focs

Avalon Instruments presents the Focs: Focuser for Celestron SC


Daystar QUARK

Daystar introduces an interesting novelty in the field of solar observations in monochromatic light Halpha: QUARK filter.

New tripod parts: Aries and Centaurus II

The parts that has two new folding: Aries e Centaurus II con un carico massimo rispettivamentedi 80 and 200 kg.

Tripod Lb Astro Antares New Tripod (A.N.T.)

The Astro features a new Lb tripod: l’Anteres New Tripod (A.N.T.) available in two versions, Entry and the Pro.

RP Optix Red tripod-pod

The RP Optix introduces Red-pod: a Compact Tripod with load up to 6 kg.

Avalon T-Pod Tripod (T90 and T130)

The Avalon Instruments introduces two new compact tripods known as "T-pod"

Optec Libra disassabile system

Optec has a disassabile system in Azimuth and height for large telescopes.