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RP Optix Red tripod-pod

The RP Optix introduces Red-pod: a Compact Tripod with load up to 6 kg.

Avalon Instruments X-Guider

The X-offset Guider system guide telescope with an innovative design that serves to guide star in astrophotography.
The main characteristic of X-Guider the relationship between large load capacity, equal to over 5.00 Kg, and weight less than half Kg (by 430gr to 550gr depending on the version).

LBastro Rotator Zero metal back focus

The LBastro presents this Rotator focal reducer for Takahashi Fsq

iOptron SkyTracker

iOptron unveils new photo SkyTracker astroinseguitore deep-sky wide field.
Simply connect it to a photographic tripod SkyTracker and stazionarlo on the polar polar scope illuminated supplied: at this point the SkyTracker is ready to follow precisely the bulleted object

Off axis guide Sbig OAG-8300

Off axis guide OAG-8300 for all CCD cameras SBIG ST-8300 and STF-8300.


Geoptik Photofinder

The Geoptik