Avalon Instruments X-Guider

The X-offset Guider system guide telescope with an innovative design that serves to guide star in astrophotography.
The main characteristic of X-Guider the relationship between large load capacity, equal to over 5.00 Kg, and weight less than half Kg (by 430gr to 550gr depending on the version).
Particularly low profile (38 mm in the base version), feature that allows him to keep the Centre of gravity of the system itself, resulting in weight reduction by offsetting.

Particular care the quality of finishes: anti-scratch anodised, machine engraved lettering and bolts in stainless steel.

The mechanics is very simple, robusta, no game in azimut (because it uses a spring preload) and free from working conditions downturns since you can lock the elevation movement using two pomellini once you have found the star Guide.

The X-Guider especially offers the ability to make adjustments with a single hand by using the two knobs that are equipped with.

The fixing system of the telescope guide is compliant with the Vixen (width 42) and it is through 2 points of contact.

Are available 3 fixing mode of X-Guider on photographic telescope:

to) with flat plate with two fixing holes.
(b)) Vixen female flange (for telescopes with male Vixen bar mounted on the tube).
(c)) Vixen male flange for telescope mounted on double parallel platform (female).

All bottom plates are removable and interchangeable, to allow installation on any type of attack.

Manufacturer website: www.avalon-instruments.com

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