QHY5 room-L II premium

The QHY5-L II is fitted with a MT9M034 sensor with a quantum efficiency of 74% and a very low readout noise: 6and.

The sensor uses FPN (Fixen Pattern Noise) that solves most of the problems of CMOS sensors.
L’immagine quindi pulita ed uniforme anche con un guadagno elevato.
With these benefits the QHY5-L II incorporates images of incredible quality on the Moon and planets, deep-sky, in all sky and autoguiding camera.
Comfortable and lightweight design from 31, 8 mm

Possible resolution:

  • 1280*960 30FPS
  • 1024*768 44FPS
  • 800*600 75FPS
  • 640*480 106FPS
  • 320*240 200FPS

Premium monochrome version, includes the following accessories:

  • in parfocale
  • USB Cable
  • Guide wire
  • Extender ring from 31, 8 mm
  • C-mount adapter
  • CS-mount adapter
  • Tripod adaptor
  • Small tripod for use as a webcam
  • 8MMF 1.0 CS lens for use as electronic Finder or AutoGuide for focal Court
  • 180 degree CS lens for All sky

Website: www.tecnocky.it

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