Daystar QUARK

Daystar introduces an interesting novelty in the field of solar observations in monochromatic light Halpha: QUARK filter.

The QUARK is an integrated system consisting of a Barlow lens, 3 x 4 optimized telecentric for work at 656nm bandwidth, a Fabry Perrot etalon type filter and a set of various adapters that allow it to be used on any refractor open from f / 4 to f / 9.

The new tube is a triplet apochromatic refractor ranged in the air “eyepiece” QUARK is available in two variants:

  • One for the study of solar prominences.
  • One for the study of the solar chromosphere.


Technical characteristics:

  • 1.25 nose″ or 2.0″ safety system to prevent sudden releases.
  • 1.25 eyepiece holder″ with retaining ring in bronze.
  • 2 adaptors″ or SCT thread 2″Optional x24tpi.
  • Powered by USB port 5v 1.5 A max.
  • Fixed power supply 90-240V AC with various adapters
  • In-band knob with movements of +/- 0.5 and indicators each 0.1 .
  • LED for power indication, heating, system ready, system error
  • 5 year warranty
  • Optional Battery Pack
  • Telecentric 4.3 x Barlow to two integrated elements and optimized for work in H-alpha 65


Manufacturer website:

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