Altazimuth Cube Tecnosky

Ancora un’altra novit da Tecnosky: a new altazimuth mount.

The Cube Tecnosky.


A small altazimuth made in Italy.
The Tecnosky Cube is inspired by eLLe and uses the same clutch system; There are in total 3 ball and roller bearings 2 radial roller bearings provide smooth movements and games free.
The clutch system allows you to adjust the hardness of the movement up to block it if necessary.
The mount can be mounted on tripods or strong photographic on tripods for astronomical use (EQ5 HEQ5/attack) but combined with half column Tecnosky.
The maximum load depends on the type of load tube and tripod used: with photographic tripods should not go beyond the 5/6 kg while on a tripod for astronomy you can get to 8/9 kg compact tubes.
Included is a steel bar (diameter 20 mm) to balance the heavy tubes.
Overhead there are 2 holes to accommodate the eyepieces from 31, 8 mm
The mount requires a clamp or Losmandy Vixen, are present 2 with M6 holes and 35 mm wheelbase (compatible with the terminals Tecnosky and Geoptik).


Technical characteristics:

  • Altazimuth mount
  • made in Italy
  • 100 apparent field
  • Photo tripod attachment
  • Possibility, through special half-column, the astronomical tripod attachment
  • Recommended load 5/6 kg (until 8/9 using astronomical tripod and compact optical tube)

Manufacturer website:


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