Equatorial Mount SkyWatcher EQ6-R

SkyWatcher present the evolution of “glorious” EQ6: The new EQ6-R

The new frame has interesting including increased capacity and belt drive.

Technical characteristics:

  • Weight: 17,3Kg
  • Said load supported: over 20Kg
  • latitude range: 5 – 65
  • Simplified polar alignment with new knobs (more resistant)
  • Belt drive
  • synscan V4
  • Port for camera control
  • Autoguider port
  • PPEC

Website: www.skywatcher.it

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2 Responses to Equatorial Mount SkyWatcher EQ6-R

  1. Andre Carrier ha detto:

    Good day. I am presently looking for my 1st EQ mount and this new version of the EQ6 sounds great. Do you have an idea of when the new EQ6-R will be available to the genera public & at which retail price it is going to be offered? Does it also have a GPS? Thanks you in advance for your help & support.

    • staff_telescopenews ha detto:

      Hello and thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately I can not answer to your questions (I’m Italian), you should try contacting the USA skywatcher

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