New CCD Celestron Skyris

Celestron presents the new series of CCD "Skyris" equipped with USB connection 3.0 high speed.

L’accuratezza dei componenti tra cui i sensori Sony †e líuscita dellíimmagine dinamica 12-bit surclassa il vecchio standard† 8-bit.

The outer shell of the room has been redesigned by Celestron to improve heat dissipation and minimize the noise generated by the effects of temperature.

Celestron iCap software and software for stacking are included

Skyris also comes with several useful accessories, including a metal comb 31,8 mm, The optional IR-cut filter, and USB cable 3.0.

Technical characteristics:

  • Six models for global recovery, solar and Lunar, Celestron manufacturer developed The Imaging Source “The Imaging Source”
  • Sony EXview HAD CCD sensors from 640 ◊ 480, 1280◊ 960 and 1600 ◊ 1200 pixels in color or in black and white
  • USB Connection 3.0 high speed for faster framerate can
  • Possibility of exposure times faster 1/100 sec, for sharp high-resolution images
  • Dynamic Range than standard planetary rooms thanks to 12-bit output’ 12-bit output


Manufacturer website:

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