Orion ED refractors new EON-X2

Big news from Orion: apo refractors new ED-X2 EON

Available in both 85mm diameter – f / 6.6 to 104mm – f / 6.25 triplets are air spaced doublet consisting of a synthetic fluorite FPL53 and a FPL51 element.


Technical characteristics:

  • Refractor Apochromatic type
  • Optical scheme Triplet Apoocromatico ranged in the air
  • Diameter 104 mm ed 85mm
  • Focal Length 650 mm, 104mm and 560mm model the smallest 85mm
  • Focal ratio: 104mm f/6.25 -85mm – f/6.6
  • Treatment Anti-reflective coating
  • Focuser 50,8 rack and pinion with reduction gear
  • Aluminium tube
  • Weight: 9,2 lbs (85mm) e 14,6lbs (104mm)

Manufacturer website: www.telescope.com

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