New telescopes GoTo Ziel CRUISE 65 and CRUISE 38

Ziel has two new “entry level” GoTo: the Cruise 65 and the Cuise 38 one 130/650 Newtonian and achromatic refractor 80/400.

Both instruments are suitable for the beginner who wants to have a compact telescope but with a motorized GoTo mount.

Technical data Cruise 65:

Newtonian reflector optical tube
Diameter: 130 mm
Focal Length: 650 mm
Focal ratio: (f/5)


Technical data Cruise 38:

Achromatic refractor optical tube
Diameter: 80 mm
Focal Length: 400 mm
Focal ratio: (f/5)
Achromatic doublet ranged in the air


Both equipped with motorized altazimuth mount in both axes with GoTo function and adjustable Aluminum Tripod.

Manufacturer website:

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