Oculari Baader Planetarium Morpheus

BaaderPlanetarium presenta una nuova serie di oculari: i Morpheus.


Dotati diun campo apparente reale di 76 sono disponibili in 6 different focal lengths:

4.5 mm / 6.5 mm / 9 mm / 12.5 mm / 14 mm / 17.5 mm


Technical characteristics:

  • focali disponibili4.5 mm / 6.5 mm / 9 mm / 12.5 mm / 14 mm / 17.5 mm
  • apparent field of 76
  • highly contrasted and sharp at the center
  • lenses composed of glasses with rare earths
  • Treatment Phantom Coating
  • edges of blackened lenses and wrap pond
  • very sharp even at the edges, also with open optical
  • collapsible rubber lens hood, suitable for eyeglass wearers
  • low distortion
  • low weight, minimum encumbrance, ideal for binocular turrets
  • barrel 31.8mm or 50.8mm, anti slip, the kerfs security system
  • Luminescent written for better visibility at night
  • parfocal with other eyepieces of Morpheus series
  • M43 thread hidden for photography in afocale, just as with Hyperion
  • housing for the belt

Manufacturer website: www.baader-planetarium.de

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