Apo refractor skywatcher INTEGRA 105ED

Skywatcher presents a new apochromatic refractor: l’ Integra 105ED a triplet with field corrector two integrated elements

Description from the site SkyWatcher.it

The new Sky Watcher refractor house INTEGRA 105ED has a view Super ED Apochromatic (extra-low dispersion) three elements with integrated field corrector to two elements with a diameter of 44mm. The presence of the corrector lens and three apochromat elements allows optics to return images free from spherical aberration, comatic and color is in the center is outside of the camp, with photo sensors star point and therefore no residual chromatic even "Full Frame". The sensational optical performance and the generous diameter of 105mm coupled with a focal length of 680mm make this tool the ultimate choice for lovers astrophotography and the wide-field. Mechanical precise and attention to detail make this reliable and efficient tool, suitable not only to observation and photography of large areas, but also of double stars and solar system objects.

The contrast and sharpness of images INTEGRA 105ED will surprise!

The sensational optical qualities are supported by high-level mechanics: the robust Crayford focuser with internal diameter 68 mm is able to withstand demanding loads and typical of the modern setup astrofotografico, such a complete CCD camera of filter wheel as well as other devices such as reflex FF and APSC. This focuser is a further aesthetic innovation not only because of CNC machining, but also on the technical front since it makes use of four ball bearings on which it slides in a rack and pinion equipped with a rail for better accuracy and stability, further enhanced by the added leverage 1/10 Manual for the achievement of the best fire. The focuser also welcomes photovisual adapters dedicated to 31,75 (1,25?) and 50,8 mm (2?) able to meet the most common operational requirements, both in the visual field both photo.

The seeker 9×50 angled kit can point to with ease, accuracy and especially comfortably even weaker deep sky objects.

Technical characteristics:

  • Refractor Apochromatic type
  • Optical scheme Triplet Apoocromatico with field corrector two integrated elements
  • Diameter 105 mm
  • Focal Length 680 mm
  • Focal ratio f / 6.5
  • magnification max. 210X
  • Treatment Anti-reflective coating
  • Focuser 50,8/31,8 dual speed
  • magnitude limit 11.9
  • Dissolution power 1.1 "


Website: www.skywatcher.it

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