Refractor Astrograph TS StarAPO 80 mm f/4.4

TS presenta un nuovo rifrattore Apo dedicato all’astrofotografia:loStarAPO TS 80mm f/4.4

StarAPO of Teleskop Service are designed for astro.

Main lenses and the Correctors have been optimized to provide maximum results both in axis and off-axis.

With the aperture of f / 4.4, comparable to a newton fast, This small apo allows you to shoot many more objects, at the same time.


Technical characteristics:

  • Apo Refractor
  • opening: 80mm
  • focal length: 352mm
  • Photo opening: f/4.4
  • main lenses: Triplet from 81 mm at in FPL-53 with Ohara
  • concealer and a reducer 3 48 items, 5 mm clear aperture
  • weight of 3 kg (tube and rings)

Manufacturer website:

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