Orion StarBlast Refractor 80

Orion introduces this portable refractor telescope.

With its 80 mm (3,1 ) Aperture and 350 mm focal length (f/4.3) suitable for display of the brightest objects in the night sky, as the Moon, bright planets and a few deep sky objects.

La principale caratteristica di questo piccolo rifrattore acromatico la presenza della motorizzazione in entrambi gli assi: una volta impostato manualmente loggetto desiderato verr mantenuto nel campo visivo.

In room amenities include two eyepieces (10mm and 25 mm) by 31,8 (1,25?), mirror diagonal and a seeker Orion EZ Finder II.

This tabletop refractor has a total weight of 11, 4lbs (about 5,17 kg)

It is also compatible with the Orion Atlas/Sirius Control Panel that allows you to add the functionality to GoTo telescope.

Technical characteristics:
Achromatic refractor optical tube
Diameter: 80 mm
Focal Length: 350 mm
Focal ratio: (f/4.3)
Achromatic doublet ranged in the air
Aluminium tube
Weight: 11,4lbs ( 5,17 kg)

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