Tecnosky Achromatic Refractor 152/900 V2

Tecnosky presents the new version of tube 152/900, fully reintubata.

The use of high refractive index glasses Ohara (but not better than commonly used glasses) reduce the chromaticism that usually with this f-ratio becomes important (f/6).
Thanks to the large aperture and short focal length this telescope lends itself well deep-sky observation at low magnifications; wide-field eyepieces with the milky way and open clusters will consist of thousands of pinpoint stars like pinheads.
Mounting narrow-band filters will become visible in their entirety as the Veil Nebula and North America.
Another field where this refractor makes it very well is deep-sky photography through narrowband filters such as H-alpha, H-beta, BE etc, in this case the colour does not bother because it is cut off from the filter.
Diaframmando di qualche centimetro l’ottica od utilizzando filtri che attenuano lo spettro secondario pu essere utilizzato con profitto anche nell’osservazione planetaria e lunare.
L’intubazione realizzata interamente in alluminio e con diaframmi interni.
The large lens hood is flowing and protects the cell collimabile.
The Focuser is the same on the Apo to 115 and 130, from 3″ with graduated scale, with micrometric knob and rotatable 1:11.
Completes the a pair of sturdy rings with handle and dovetail bar type vixen

Technical characteristics:

  • Spaced doublet Ohara glasses in the air and in cell F4 K9 collimabile.
  • Optical surfaces are treated FMC
  • Aluminium intubation with internal diaphragms and perfect matting.
  • Retractable lens hood with locking knob.
  • Crayford Focuser 3 precision″ on 6 ball bearings and reinforced with a steel plate.
  • Long tour with graduated scale and thread from 3″ for Tecnosky giant flattener.
  • Reduction knob 1:10. 2 adapter″ to 1.25″ with brass locking clamp included.
  • Rings with handle and dovetail bar vixen

Manufacturer website: www..tecnosky.it


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