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Nikon D810A

Nikon introduces its first DSLR aimed at dedicated Astrophotographers: the D810A

QHY5 room-L II premium

The QHY5-L II is fitted with a MT9M034 sensor with a quantum efficiency of 74% and a very low readout noise: 6and.


The Atik introduces new planetary camera”GP”.

New CCD cameras says Trius StarlighXpress-SX814

The StarlighXpress presents the successor of previous series SXVR.

The new says Trius-SX814, high-resolution version of the popular H694.

MagZero: new CMOS QHY5 II rooms

MagZero presents the new series of rooms: the QHY5 II, eredi delle ďMX-5?

Compact and economical, are made to the global recovery and autoguiding.

New CCD Celestron Skyris

Celestron presents the new series of CCD "Skyris" equipped with USB connection 3.0 high speed.

L’accuratezza dei componenti tra cui i sensori Sony †e líuscita dellíimmagine dinamica 12-bit surclassa il vecchio standard† 8-bit.

Camere CCD Apogee serie Aspen

The American manufacturer Apogee Imaging Systems presents this new series of cooled CCD cameras.

The Aspen series are available with various sensors including

CCD Celestron Nightscape 8300

The CCD cameras of Celestron introduces new Nightscape 8300, a color CCD camera with Kodak sensor KAF 8300-.

The Nightscape 8300 provides a resolution of 8,3 mega pixels with a high-sensitivity sensor.