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IOptron iEQ45 mount Pro

iOptron presents the new Pro iEQ45 GoTo mount, evolution of the previous iEQ45

The main innovations of the new model are the new engines of type step by step,a higher reduction ratio and improved ergonomics

The iEQ45 Pro has built-in GPS to 32-bit.

SkyWatcher Astroinseguitore Star Adventurer

The SkyWatcher unveils new astroinseguitre “Star Adventurer”.

Ioptron Mount CEM60

Ioptron present a new frame from design to “Z”: the Ioptron CEM60

Thanks to Central balance the frame is able to withstand very high loads (up to 27, 2 kg)while maintaining a weight of 12 kg

IOptron iEQ45 mount-AZ

iOptron introduces new iEQ45 GoTo-AZ mount with Equatorial and altazimuth functionality.

Has a large cargo capacity but remains portable size.

The iEQ45-AZ offers the latest technology by GoTo iOptron features built-in GPS to 32-bit.

IOptron ZEQ25 frame

The iOptron presents the new ZEQ25, a shaped Equatorial Mount

iOptron SkyTracker

iOptron unveils new photo SkyTracker astroinseguitore deep-sky wide field.
Simply connect it to a photographic tripod SkyTracker and stazionarlo on the polar polar scope illuminated supplied: at this point the SkyTracker is ready to follow precisely the bulleted object