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Tecnosky Apo 130/900 Lanthanum

Tecnosky presenta il nuovo tripletto 130/900 al lantanio!

Tecnosky Achromatic Refractor 152/900 V2

Tecnosky presents the new version of tube 152/900, fully reintubata.

Altazimuth Cube Tecnosky

Ancora un’altra novit da Tecnosky: a new altazimuth mount.

The Cube Tecnosky.


Tecnosky Flat Field Refractor 70 Lanthanum

Tecnosky presents a new Apo refractor and 70 mm Quadrupletto with Lanthanum glass to.
The use of a field flattener before the focuser afford to have a correct very broad field, approximately 32 mm.
The use of glasses to Lanthanum provides excellent color correction.

Tecnosky eyepiece XWA 9 mm 100

Ancora un’altra novit da Tecnosky: a new eyepiece XWA from well 100 of field!


Tecnosky Aspherical Zoom eyepiece 8-24 mm

Tecnosky presents a new high-end zoom eyepiece.


Tecnosky 10 Cassegrain″ f/20

Tecnosky has a Cassegrain 10″ f/20 devoted to planetary shots in high resolution.


Tecnosky Rc8

The company Tecnosky a new tube RC from 250 mm and focal length 2000 made entirely in Europe.
The body-tube is of type truss carbon and aluminium open, extremely rigid yet lightweight (13kg).