Tecnosky Apo 130/900 Lanthanum

Tecnosky presenta il nuovo tripletto 130/900 al lantanio!

Il tubo usautilizza un vetro in FPL-51 ed uno al Lantanio.Grazie all’utilizzo di questi due vetri a bassa dispersione la correzione cromatica perfetta anche su oggetti molto luminosi ed in fotografia astronomica.
Compared to previous versions, this model also features a new cell much more thermally stable and lighter intubation and compact.
L’interno opacizzato esono presenti numerosi diaframmi a bordo tagliente per eliminare qualsiasi riflesso.
At the end of the pipe we find the new focuser micrometer rack 3.7″ with a maximum load of 7kg
The focuser can rotate with respect to the tube but also has a field rotator for the room and 3 different threads for levellers and other accessories. (M100x1, M92x1 ed M68x1).
The eyepiece from 50,8 31.8mm and have a self-centering system to have aligned the chamber or the eyepieces.
The telescope is compatible with levellers full frame 1x and 0,79x Tecnosky.
The tube comes with the base port finder, the pair of rings CNC, vixen a bar and a robust padded suitcase.


Technical characteristics:

  • Tripletto Apo Lantanio/FPL-51 130/910
  • F7 focal ratio
  • Hood retractable clutch
  • 3,7 Focheggiatore″ rack with fine adjustment knob 1:10
  • Peso 11kg

Manufacturer website: www..tecnosky.it

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