Tripod Lb Astro Antares New Tripod (A.N.T.)

The Astro features a new Lb tripod: †l’Anteres New Tripod (A.N.T.) available in two versions, Entry and the Pro.

Both have a "common" but differ in the materials and finishes.

La Entry Ť †dotata di† †gambe in due† sezioni realizzate in in lega d’alluminio trattata e che hanno un diametro di 40-60 mm.

With a weight 23 kg offers a payload of more than 100 and is equipped with jointed feet and anti-vibration illuminati self-regulating faintly red to reduce the risk of stumbling during observing sections.

L’attacco per la montatura Ť personalizzabile in base alle esigenze del cliente per †una piena compatibilitŗ con tutte le “Heads” on the market.

A compass is at the center of the flange in order to facilitate the first, coarse, apron.
The Pro version has the same features but, Thanks to carbon legs twill allutex (aluminium coated carbon) weighs 17 kg anchor: 6 in less Edition “Entry”.

Swinging legs are supplied complete with a steel toe cap and tripod Pro leveling occurs through a retractable led level.

L’unico accessorio opzionale Ť l’eventuale vassoio porta elettronica.

Manufacturer website:

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2 Responses to Tripod Lb Astro Antares New Tripod (A.N.T.)

  1. Jason Adamik ha detto:

    Can someone tell me how I could purchase this tripod? It looks completely amazing!

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